Water Harvesting

Essential to Desert Dwellers: Water Harvesting

As Southern Arizona desert dwellers, water harvesting has steadily become the usual vs the occasional for us eco-conscious homeowners – and some Tucson-area businesses, too. Water harvesting is the process of observing land forms and how water travels across those forms. If you carefully alter the landforms, or create new ones, water can be easily directed from a roof structure, laundry outlet or tank to an area of the landscape that typically needs lots of water. Sometimes captured water can even be moved through an electronically run irrigation system.

Water Harvesting is Working with Nature, Not Against It

Our evolving climate demands that we work with nature, assuring modern design always consider how to accommodate water harvesting on site. Red Bark Design evaluates every landscape design project for water harvesting possibilities. We also collaborate with water harvesting experts to design landscapes that can evolve using captured water. The goal is to create an adaptive design, so the landscape and water harvesting work together, creating a resilient space.

Water Harvesting Project Approach

Our approach to water harvesting is very similar to how we look at any residential landscape design project. The consultative method includes a site meeting so you and Darbi can establish a general idea of the size and scope of your water harvesting project. We’ll look at how it fits into your current landscape design or how the land forms may be altered to use water harvesting effectively. She’ll also consult with professional hydrologists to assure all aspects of the surroundings, including slope and grade, are taken into account for the design. From there, she’ll talk about the nuts and bolts, like budgets, where to go to consider potential rebates and so forth. Expect questions like:

  • Do you plan to maintain it yourself or no?
  • Do you want to go the DIY route, hire a team to implement the water harvesting project, or will it be a combination?

Give Darbi a call today at 520-261-6026 to talk about your eco-conscious water harvesting project.

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