Container Gardening

The Art of Container Gardening

Container gardening is its own art form within landscape design. It’s yet another example of the truism that “good things come in small packages.” With container gardening, it’s not only knowing what plants work together for the greatest wow factor, but also knowing which ones co-exist best in the confines of a pot, with similar light and water requirements.

Container gardens aren’t just for small spaces, though, they’re also ideal in areas that aren’t conducive to ground planting. You can add visual impact to your overall landscape design with carefully placed and planted containers.

When thinking about your container garden, do you simply want visual interest, flowers and trailing plants? Or do you want it to be functional, too?

Edibles, annuals, natives, succulents, cacti and even wildflowers can become art in a pot.

Remember that small spaces don’t have to be sparse spaces! With the right mix of potted plants, your patio or balcony can become an outdoor haven – and edible garden – for you.

Container Gardening Approach

Many plants that do well in the ground will also do well in a pot, if care is taken for proper drainage and appropriate watering. At Red Bark Design, we’ll evaluate the tiniest of spaces, then design and arrange pots with non-traditional plants that thrive in their own specific micro-climate. We’ll want to consider:

  • Budget: There are many pots – some can be expensive. What do you want to spend on your pots and the plants, too?
  • Watering and Maintenance: Container gardens may need a different watering schedule than those in the ground. How do you want to accommodate?
  • Creating a Container Garden: Are you going to hire someone to put yours together? Or do you want a plan and then DIY?

We love potted arrangements designed to evolve over time – in fact, Red Bark Design treats container garden design much like we do in-ground landscape design. Yours is just a phone call away! Give Darbi a call to set up a consult today: 520-261-6026.

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