Commercial Landscape Design

How Commercial Landscape Design Makes Businesses Look Good

Businesses want to connect people to places – the bricks and mortar where business is done. With a properly designed commercial landscape, your space can speak volumes to clients. Commercial landscape design gives clients a sense of your general business philosophy, and how you integrate your organization into the environment.

Our desert-scapes can be so soothing, softening the hard edges associated with concrete, brick and steel structures. Natural “green space” draws people in, and when well-designed, can provide a safe, comfortable environment for the people who use it.

Commercial Landscape Design Approach

Much like a residential landscape design project, commercial landscape projects look at how the space is to be used. Darbi takes a number of facts into consideration before creating a proposal or design:

  • Do you want people to linger and hang out? Or is the idea to create a comfortable approach to the business?
  • What type of business – or businesses – will operate at the location?
  • Will there be many children, animals, bikes, etc.?
  • How much do you want to spend on maintenance?

Remember that a location-sensitive landscape design looks at many factors, not just what native plants to place where, but also:

  • Drip irrigation
  • Water harvesting
  • Appropriate surfacing

All of which help you reduce monthly maintenance fees – and conserve both energy and water in our desert environment.

Laws & Policies for Commercial Landscape Design Projects

The key to a successfully integrated design lies also in the ability to follow the laws or policies around commercial landscape design. Local governments have the say so over much of how a commercial outdoor space looks and works.

Remember that laws and policies take local resources into consideration, as well as how the landscape will align with utility infrastructure and maintenance. Red Bark Design’s Darbi Davis has deep experience working in and for government agencies, and understands the paths to follow to meet their guidelines, laws and policies.

To schedule a consultation about a new or revised commercial landscape design, contact Darbi: 520-261-6026.

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