Ahh, the first post of a new blog.  So much terrain to traverse.  Where shall I begin…

First and foremost I should introduce myself (although I feel this is ridiculously redundant…after all there is an “about” page attached to this blog which tells you about me as well as a link to a website with an entire page dedicated to yours truely.)  I’m Darbi and I like Landscape Architecture.  I like it so much that I spent 3 whole years of my life obtaining a Masters Degree, thesis and all on the subject.  I have my own small business.  I have children, dogs, and a husband.  If you would like to know more please check out my website.

What is Landscape Architecture?  It is a field that advocates for aesthetic sustainable living, urban agriculture, it celebrates the inevitability of change, it’s dirty and diverse, technical, organic, artful and alive, fanatical, culturally and economically sensitive, participatory, sculptural, educational, social, and edible.  It is the study of the land before the vista clearing begins.  It is historical.  It transcends the globe.  It fosters considerate development.

Landscape Architecture is a monumental component facilitating the concept of wellness in a technological world where instant gratification trumps thoughtful processes.  A world that fosters the concept of play through digital forts, sterile sand and synthetic shade  resulting in socially misaligned youth, a halt in creativity, and a disservice to overall health.  The field of landscape architecture encourages common sense.

My aspirations for this blog (aside from being a diligent post-er) is to educate those who are not familiar with the field or refer to landscape architects as “landscapers.”  I also want to encourage intelligent discussion on the topics posted.  Admittedly, I want this blog to be fun, professional, educational, encouraging, and inspiring much like the profession itself.  I am certain there will be topics covered that are too technical or “professional” for some readers but in order to be educational, I must highlight those current events.  I also hope to post fun topics on cool site amenities or colorful, innovate design among other less technical topics.

Ten years ago I was sitting in my little one bedroom apartment post undergraduate graduation and jobless.  I was desperately seeking a professional field that was dynamic (I easily tire from mundane work) and artful.  I stumbled upon Landscape Architecture.  I felt like I was dreaming.  Could it really be possible that this field exists and that I’m in a position to become a part of it?  The state of our natural world was in demise so I was certain there would be a market for jobs in my future.  And sure enough three years post graduate degree, An Inconvenient Truth (a documentary on common sense) debuts winning many awards, and then former vice-president Al Gore receives and honorary membership to the American Society of Landscape Architects.  This field has emerged and I am thankful to be a part of the community.

From research and education to playground design, development and everything in between Landscape Architecture embraces a million shades of green.  Cheers!

Comments, constructive criticisms, and disagreements are encouraged; however, know that this is a professional forum and rude or obscene comments will be removed.  If you would like to contact me I can be reached via email, darbi@redbarkdesign.com.

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